LED kitchen lighting

We offer LED ZOK kitchen lighting sets or under-cabinet LED lighting.


ZOK - kitchen lighting sets

LED kitchen lighting by SOLED enables easy and low-energy lighting of kitchen tops, cabinets and drawers. ZOK kitchen lighting sets are made to fit your kitchen furniture. The sets feature high brightness SMD 5050 LED diodes which guarantee enough light for comfortable work at the kitchen top. You can choose from three aluminium covered models: ZOK1, ZOK2 and ZOK3 which come in pine, wenge and silver colours, whereas the lighting is offered in warm white or cool white colours. Additionally, we recommend a no-touch sensor switch that can be added to the sets.

Product made to size. Polish manufacturing. 3 years warranty. Courier delivery.


Under-cabinet LED lighting

Under-cabinet LED lighting includes illuminated glass bottoms for kitchen cabinet which provide attractive lighting for the kitchen top. What is more, they are energy efficient thanks to the LED lighting technology applied.



Under-cabinet LED lighting sets by SOLED are made to match the exact size of kitchen cabinets. They can be joined together in one and connected to one light switch. Two specifically developed assembly methods enable to apply them in made to order cabinets as well as ready furniture purchased in sets.

SOLED offers two models for under-cabinet LED lighting: DOWN (illumination of the kitchen top only) and UP-DOWN (simultaneous lighting of the top and inside of the cabinets). Precise construction translates to maximum light and has been tested photometrically. We use the brightest LED 5050 diodes on the market in warm or cool white colours. Even distribution of light is achieved thanks to locating the lighting on the entire circumference.

Product made to size. Polish manufacturing. 3 years warranty. Courier delivery.