LED stairs illumination

LED stairs illumination by SOLED features complete sets ready for assembly to illuminate stairs inside homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, etc., as well as advanced motion sensors for automatic switching of light when entering the stairs.


ZOS - stairs illumination set

ZOS stairs illumination by SOLED is made to size. Each LED set is adjusted to the number and length of the steps and the distance between them. LED lighting is offered in warm and cool white colours.

The offer includes three models of light fixtures. ZOS1 is standard fitting which can be mounted even on finished stairs. ZOS2 enables to hide the lighting in a cut under the step. A popular choice for customers who have not finished their stairs yet. ZOS3 features angular light fittings which are mounted in the corner between the step and the riser.

SOLED stairs illumination sets are joined, complete and ready to assemble.

Product made to size. Polish manufacturing. 3 years warranty. Courier delivery.



Intelligent motion sensor

Stairs motion sensors by SOLED provide intelligent monitoring of stairs illumination. They are automatically activated when someone enters the first step (on the bottom or top of the stairs). The motion sensor has the possibility of advanced regulation of light brightness and an on/off function of the entire lighting.

The LED lighting is smoothly switched on and off. The motion sensor does not turn on if you walk by the stairs, which is often the case in other sensors available on the market. Our offer includes SCR1 and SCR2 models. The SCR1 turns on the LED lighting on all steps simultaneously, while the SCR2 switches on every step along the way.

Polish manufacturing. 3 years warranty. Courier delivery.