Starry sky

Starry sky is an imitation of the night sky on a ceiling in the living room above the sofa, in the bathroom over the tub, in your bedroom over the bed. Starry sky is used in restaurants, clubs or hotels.

It is a set of optical fibres which shine on one end with a light generator (single coloured, multi-colour or with flickering effect, galaxy or falling comet effect).

Starry sky can be mounted on ceilings made of: gypsum plasterboard, wood, plexiglass and stretch ceilings. We also manufacture finished optical fibre panels.



A set contains:

  • a band of optical fibres which shine on one end (the number of fibres depends on the ceiling size)
  • a light generator (single colour or RGB multi-colour)
  • an assembly manual


Made to size - for every type of ceiling. Polish manufacturing. 2 years warranty. Courier delivery.


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